Discover a safe, nurturing, and honoring space for you to open, heal, and expand your capacity to experience pleasure. Claim your birthright as a woman to experience ecstatic pleasure, bliss, and embodiment. No matter what you have been through, the potency of your own sexual creative life force energy has the power to heal and awaken your consciousness.

Perhaps you have experienced trauma, feel numb, frozen, or fearful during penetration and intercourse, are frustrated by not knowing how to communicate what you want from your partner in a way that achieves results, have judgments about your body, are struggling to experience orgasm, feel guilt or shame about expressing yourself sexually, have difficulty relaxing and letting go of the chatter in your mind and tension in your body, or you find it to be challenging to receive, even when someone wants to give to you.

If you are ready to heal and release the past, curious to learn about sexuality, your body, and desire to open to the tremendous capacity for pleasure that your body has, I can help you. I especially welcome your sincere desire to grow, heal, and transform, as your willingness to be real, open, and vulnerable is in direct proportion to the gains you will make within and outside of our sessions. I will hold you with tenderness, and you can count on me to be honest with you, communicating with both clarity and compassion.

I help women who have

  • Experienced sexual or birth trauma

  • Perpetrated sexual trauma, are ready to develop a healthy sexuality, and desire to heal and release the past

  • Had surgical procedures to the breasts, uterus, and urogenital area

  • Experienced a breakup or divorce

  • Have not "liked" sex and want to really enjoy sex

  • Not had much sexual experience

  • Never experienced orgasm

  • Wish to deepen and expand your capacity for orgasm

  • A yearning to open, to be more feminine and receptive 

  • A desire to fully embody and awaken to your creativity, birthing your dreams awake

  • For advanced clients: a desire to learn how to awaken the divine masculine