Lotus Love Tantra

"Being a 27 year old virgin, stepping into the arena of tantric education with someone I had only briefly met was a stretch. I now have the confidence to ask for what I want sexually.

My ability to receive has multiplied 4x since my work with Ann. This has expressed itself in all areas of my life. If you are seeking healing or growth in your sexual aspect, I highly recommend gifting yourself with her wonderful Dakini work."

Aaron, 27, Texas


Samantha Catalina Sinclair, Relationship Coach, 49, California

Ann is truly a gifted healer and tantrika. I came to her with pain in my right breast from a lumpectomy and she was able to resensitize the tissue and awaken tinglings of pleasure in just one session after several years of numbness. I wholeheartedly recommend Ann to anyone ready to fully heal, open, and awaken their body temple to ecstatic energies.

Scott, Certified Massage Therapist, 54, Colorado

I have had the pleasure of receiving a Tantric Healing session with Ann. The space was welcoming and she cared for me in a way that made me feel heard. There was a deep presence in her being there the whole entire time with me. She was playful and tender in her touch. I was able to experience new sensations in my body that I never experienced before, which was my intent going into the session. Ann is a great facilitator and listened to my requests and honored them. I would highly recommend seeing Ann for a Tantric Healing session!

Jack, New York

Ann is an enchanting dakini with a captivating radiance. Combining several healing disciplines enables Ann to offer her students practices tailored to meet their unique needs. 

Sanjay, Programme Manager

A. L., 52, Corporate Executive, China

Arturo Almeida, 45

My session with Ann was deeply moving and healing. Her insight and wisdom are transpired in her touch. She facilitated me to move past hurts from the past, becoming more present in the now. I received insights that have allowed me to change how I act in intimate relationships. I recommend people to have a session with Ann. 

I had one of the most wonderful session with Ann. She was attentive, and intuitively knew how to help me open up and release my deepest feelings - fear, reservation, rational thoughts, judgement. In her embrace, she created a most loving space where I felt safe, loved and 100% contained. I highly recommend Ann to anyone seeking a loving and spiritual experience, to love and to connect.

This has been a life changing experience for me. Ann held a really safe and comforting space as I am opening up to a new world. The multiple exercises of grounding, breathing, and energetic practice help me feel comfortable before the session. After that, it was so easy to let go. I felt well supported and cared for, but more importantly, I feel confident that this is just the beginning of my journey and I cannot be happier to have Ann guide my journey. I can’t wait to keep exploring and discovering who I am and where I want to go.

Aaron, 27, Texas

Being a 27 year old virgin, stepping into the arena of tantric education with someone I had only briefly met was a stretch.

I was scared to receive pleasure, feared not being turned on and being seen as someone who has no sexual desire. I was pressed up against feeling numbed out and unworthy. I felt not turned on, just very numb and disconnected, and I was in major judgement about that. It was vulnerable for me to express these things to Ann. She seemed to intuitively pick up on when I was holding back, and was very encouraging. I gave away much of my unwillingness to engage with receiving pleasure. Ann reminded me at a few key points that “out is through”, and I felt safe to allow my feelings to come up so I could work with them.

Ann massaged me and helped me to be fully receptive while I was in a less than worthy state. She constantly encouraged me through it and was so tender with me and where I was at in my process. It was like my process didn't even phase her, she just flowed through it. I felt so safe and accepting of who I was that I allowed myself to experience my desire, buried beneath all the identification with the old state of being shut down. This led to me having my first orgasm ever with a woman.

What I learned the most from my sessions with Ann was how to receive and acknowledge what I want and do not want. I learned to accept my sexual hungers, what it means to push my edges, and that it is very important for me to experience myself sexually from my heart space. That last one is huge, allowing myself to express my emotions, as well as engaging with others, fully, as I am, without expectations. I found intention to be a powerful tool to help me navigate this new arena of expression.

My overall experience was very deep and healing. I learned that receptivity is just as important as giving. I'm a giver, and being in this session where I was to be completely receptive really challenged me. I had a very deep wounding around receiving. As feelings arose for me, Ann encouraged me, indicating times to go deeper into allowing process and feelings and other times to breathe.

Throughout this process, Ann was excellent at finding where I was at, intuitively and through questions. Her touch and massage was wonderful and allowed my body to relax deeper. I soon found the hold of my mind start to let go as I became more and more open to the pleasure she was providing through touch.

She would from time to time ask me on a numerical scale to rate the amount of pleasure I was experiencing. This allowed things to flow more towards what felt the best and helped me to verbalize my needs in a way that felt safe and free flowing. And her physical touch is absolutely amazing! She has an excellent sense of where the energy needs to move, and where and how to use her touch to effect the most movement through pleasure. Her intuition of how to work with me was exceptional for this situation and where I was at in my own internal process. I also learned the importance of feeling a heart connection in order to feel free sexually. Because of her nature and depth, I found it easy to connect with her in this way.

My ability to receive has multiplied 4x since my work with Ann. This has expressed itself in all areas of my life. I am much more comfortable, and have the confidence to ask for what I want sexually.

I have experienced much more willingness to open and engage with women. I now understand that my deepest sexual expression comes from a place of heart and connection. I also am allowing much more pleasure in my life through physical touch, and emotional connection with multiple women, and I am now in a committed relationship for the first time in my life.

My experience with Ann provided an abundance of positive shifts in my personal growth. If you are seeking healing or growth in your sexual aspect, I highly recommend gifting yourself with her wonderful Dakini work. Your soul and body will thank you for it!

Soriya, 34

Ann is one of the most loving, intuitive, and compassionate High Priestess/Goddesses I have ever had the privilege of interacting with. She is very skilled and knowledgable and is a jack of all trades. Seriously, what can’t she offer? I am not going to go into great detail about my session as there are no words to describe my transformational deep healing experience with her. Ann channels her power directly from Source and offers an experience like no other. She literally transforms into a powerful fearless divine being and has the ability to hold a huge container for whatever might come up in session. There is nothing she cannot handle or help you work through. She will meet you where you are at and challenge you to go deeper to explore all the possibilities of healing, bliss, and pleasure. All of the stars and thumbs up possible for this creature of light. 

David W., 25, Professional Coach & Energy Worker, New Jersey

Ann holds incredible space for a sacred healing journey of the soul. Her softness and full presence allowed me to let go, surrender, and experience release of trauma that wasn’t serving me. I feel clean, clear, spacious, and became a fuller version of myself. Thank You, Ann!