What IS Tantra?

There are many lineages, traditions, and schools of Tantra, and therefore many definitions. The sanskrit root of the word tantra, tan, means “loom, weave, or system”. Tantra can mean “expansive weaving” and also "system of study". There are both Buddhist and Hindu lineages and beliefs about tantra whose influences can be found in other religions.

I am not Buddhist, Hindu, nor am I a scholar. For me, what tantra means, is that I use each opportunity that arises to consciously learn and grow, to awaken consciousness, to become more embodied and connected to my true self, and to spirit and earth. You may have heard the phrase, “no mud, no lotus”. Whatever energy I am experiencing in life, I do my best to create an energy gain from. Tantra is about connection. When we align ourselves with the flow of energy that is creation, we experience deeper connection, and ultimately oneness. 

What can I expect in a Tantric Session?

While there is a structural element that is the same in every session: talking/listening, education, intention setting, simple ritual, massage and tantric healing; the way that each session unfolds is utterly unique.

Simply put: we will talk, set an intent for your session, and I will give you some education and tools to work with experientially. I will massage you, helping you to relax. The massage work will then naturally become more focused on opening to deeper levels of pleasure, release, and movement of energy.

What you can always anticipate: to be listened to, heard, witnessed, and cared for. We will establish boundaries, and discuss concerns and desires clearly before beginning each session. You will be respected and nurtured in a deeply honoring manner. Sessions are a sacred space devoted to the care and service of your body, heart, mind, and soul.

What does not happen in a tantric session?

As a practitioner, I will always be wearing underwear. We do not engage in penetrative penis/vagina sex, oral sex, or deep kissing. While I will encourage you to stretch into new sensations, your boundaries will always be honored. My focus is on education, healing, and opening. My work is not to provide you with a sensual massage and climactic orgasm, though deep levels of pleasure are frequently experienced and intense orgasmic climax is often the result.


Do I need to know how to meditate, already know what tantra is, or do yoga?

You do not. I am here to help you learn.


Am I cheating on my partner by having a tantric session?

Only you and your partner can know what is in alignment with your relationship agreements. I encourage my clients to be open and honest with their partners, and sometimes, due to the nature of the history or healing process of a client, they choose to be private about their choice to work with me.

If you decide that you would like to work with me and want to discuss the process with your partner, I will answer any questions you have. You and your partner will be able to define your boundaries. If you desire to learn and grow as a couple or to improve your sex life, either or both of you working with me as a tantric educator can help you to achieve your goals. I can work with you as one individual, with each of you individually, or as a couple.


What is the benefit for a heterosexual woman working with a woman?

As women, we often feel pressure to give, to open to receiving, to be “ready” for sex. It is rare for a woman to have the experience of being able to open and explore sensation without the goal of satisfying ourselves or a partner, to become curious and discover the possibilities of pleasure pathways within our bodies. To be witnessed and held by a sister and by the receptive and nurturing energy of the feminine provides a very different possibility of opening than when we receive the masculine. Not infrequently, a woman will begin her healing or opening process with a female dakini, and then continue by working with her partner or a male daka.

I offer different kinds of sessions for women - one is a yoni clearing. We do external and internal work to help you to clear out old wounds energetically, physically, and emotionally. If you have ever received bodywork and had the experience of your muscles just releasing and relaxing, yoni clearing is similar, but done in a very very gentle and honoring manner.

I find that most women benefit from doing a certain amount of clearing prior to doing tantric sacred spot work to open pathways of pleasure, bliss, and ecstasy. To use an analogy most women will understand: before we can decorate a space, we need to “clean house”.

The other kind of session I offer to women is tantric sacred spot massage. The sacred spot is an entirely different experience of opening than G-spot or clitoral stimulation.

What type of session we do depends upon your history and goals. While I am glad to give you these words as a way to begin to answer some of your questions, the best way to discover if this work can help you is to fill out a contact form and for us to have a conversation.


Do you work with anyone who wants to work with you?
I do not. I accept a very limited number of clients and I only work with students who have a sincere desire to learn, heal, and grow. This type of educational experience is very intimate and we have to be the right fit for each other. We will have a brief phone conversation to determine if we would like to work together. I will then schedule a short in person meeting with you to ensure that we are a good match. I’m happy to refer you to other resources if we choose not to work together.