Charles Muir, Founder and Director of Source School of Tantra Yoga®, has been teaching Yoga for over forty-five years and is considered the originator and pioneer of the Modern Tantra movement in the United States. His original sacred spot massage work, Tantric insights, and experiential exercises have become the cornerstone for many Tantra teachers worldwide. He has authored several Tantra books, DVDs, and White Tantra and red Tantra CDs. His revolutionary work has been featured in over eighty media articles, numerous television and radio appearances, including Oprah radio, and two Hollywood movies, Bliss and The Best Ever. Charles is quoted in over 140 books on Tantra, sexuality, yoga, and relationship.

Charles has been a student of yoga since 1965 and was trained as a teacher by Richard Hittleman in 1967. He codirected the Hittleman Yoga Schools in New York and New Jersey from 1969-1974. He has also studied with Swamis Satchidananda, Premananda, Vishnudevananda, Madhavananda, Satyananda, Ma Yoga Bhakti, and Yogis Bhajan, Majumdar, Bua, and Mishra. Charles has been offering Tantra weekend seminars to individuals and training Tantra educators since 1979.

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Elizabeth Wood is the Director of Education at Beyond the Bedroom and is a Somatic Sex Educator. She began her career as a practicing sex therapist promoting sexual health, education and awareness. She left her clinical practice to develop her somatic skills to directly address sexuality and intimacy through a body-based practice. Elizabeth is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker™ and a Certified Tantra Educator™.

Her diverse educational background and passion for women's pleasure helped her develop her unique style that she teaches to individuals, couples and other practitioners.