Enter a space where your focus is to receive. As a man, you probably provide for others a lot in your life. Perhaps you just desire to relax and experience deep pleasure without the need to perform or give to a partner. While clients often come to me due to difficulty, some men just need a space to relax from the pressure of life and receive. You will be guided by a woman whose only goals are to help you to help you awaken, experiencing ever deepening connection and pleasure.

Whatever your challenges are: fear of performing well, difficulty discussing sexual issues, struggling to get out of your head and beyond the chatter of your mind, embarrassment, shame - I can guide you to confidently embody sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure. The advancement you will make is in direct proportion to your willingness to be real and to practice the teachings and tools you are given both during and outside of session.

I will assist you in opening your energetic pathways, gently and powerfully inviting you to take up residence in your body fully. I hold you with deep nurturance and encouragement so that you can unlock and release blocks. I treat you with respect, integrity, and dignity and will teach you techniques and practices to help you unlock your masculine potential and be the masterful lover that you yearn to be.

Whether you consider yourself to be…

  • a masterful lover

  • you’re just beginning to explore your sexuality, or

  • you’re healing from trauma or a challenging relationship

Learning how to direct your sexual life-force energy is a potent catalyst for transformation. The only way out is through. You can embody your masculine energy powerfully and with passion, creating magnetic attraction in your life and with others. When you learn to be relaxed while in a state of arousal, you expand your capacity for pleasure. I will teach you ancient tantric techniques applicable to you as a modern man that will help you discover how to relax into pleasure and ride waves of orgastic energy.

Ann helps men who have

  • Sexual trauma

  • Perpetrated sexual trauma, are ready to develop a healthy sexuality, and desire to heal and release the past

  • Had surgical procedures to the prostate, testicles, penis, or other areas

  • Experienced a breakup or divorce

  • Not had much sexual experience

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Low self esteem

  • Are sexually frustrated and ready to change patterns of expression

  • Desire to cultivate your potent masculinity

  • Wish to deepen and expand your capacity for orgasm

  • Wish to improve your skill as a lover

  • Desire to learn techniques for ejaculatory choice

  • For advanced clients: A desire to develop mastery in pleasuring the feminine