About Ann

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Though I was always permeated with a deep curiosity about sexuality, and was the person whom both female and male friends would come to with questions about sex and relationship, I lived my early life unconscious, disembodied, self defacing, cocooned in the collective consciousness of being raised Catholic on a farm in the midwest. My hunger to awaken took me down many pathways of personal and spiritual growth. At a certain point, after years of dedicated spiritual seeking and practice, I realized that I could go no further while attempting to transcend my body nor could more evolution happen while I was in avoidance of all that was held within my body.

I embarked upon a journey of self acceptance and appreciation, discovering how to be spacious with myself and determined to become fully embodied. This led to an inevitable focus on sexuality. As I faced my deepest fears, rage, and grief, freedom began to emerge, cell by cell. A yoni that had become numb and lower chakras which felt like concrete became more supple and open. While all of the modalities of personal and spiritual work that I explored brought transformation, the safety and sacredness of tantric practice gave me a container in which I could relax into feminine receptivity and open to the pleasure that is our birthright.

After giving my first dakini session, looking in my client’s eyes and seeing the healing that had occurred, I knew deep within that I had finally found purpose and beauty in a part of myself that previously had caused so many problems. The discovery that the energy that I have always carried and not known what to do with could be of service, consciously, to help others heal and awaken brings me deep peace and joy.

While the practice of tantra is a relatively new skill, I have been working one on one with clients and using my hands to transmit and direct energy for healing for more than two decades. I have been in private practice for most of the past 20 years and bring many skill sets to bear in my practice as a tantric educator and dakini.

When was the last time, if ever, someone was just simply present with you? Without expectations or agenda? What I bring to session with you is deep presence and the spaciousness to encourage and allow you to be deeply present as well. Imagine a space where you can just...be...your self. I offer tantric healing and education. Do you wish to meet yourself in the full beauty and glory of who you are? To open to depths of pleasure and love for yourself and others that you did not imagine were possible?